Vanessa Goes Big For Her Birthday

December 19, 2010 By:
Vanessa Goes Big For Her Birthday

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely not sitting at home and crying about her breakup with Zac Efron. She’s doing what any girl in their 20’s would do…party with her girlfriends!

Vanessa and a bunch of her girlfriends jetted to Las Vegas to celebrate her 22nd birthday at Pure Nightclub.

Vanessa looking smoking hot in a tight silver dress and when asked how things are between her and Zac she responded, "We're good,” while giving a thumbs up.

Ashley Tisdale and Britney Snow were among her friends celebrating her birthday.

Vanessa posed for photos; cut her cake and then the curtains closed around her table for some privacy. Wonder what the girls were doing with the curtains closed? Maybe they found some hot boys to come over for some lap dances. Hey, that’s what people do in Vegas.