Celeb Workout Selfies That Will Inspire You to Sweat

August 1, 2014 By:


A celebrity #fitlife selfie is designed to do one thing, make you feel bad about not working out in Lululemon stretch pants at a private home gym while wearing a full face of makeup and snapping selfies of your super-toned stomach. In case you're in need of some fitness inspiration, here are some famous people at the gym who might encourage you to get off the couch. 

We don’t even know what workout this is but it looks like fun.


If we go to the gym, will our butt be this voluminous too?


Oh, we want a cute crop top too, though.


One look at this picture and we’re already browsing Groupon for barre classes.


Working out suddenly looks like a lot of fun.


Awww, like so much fun.


Okay, we’re literally going to whatever circus gym this is.




Oh God, we probably couldn't pick up ONE of those weights, even with BOTH hands.


Of course Alessandra Ambrosio looks that good in the middle of a SoulCycle class.


Okay, why are we sitting in chairs when Gisele Bundchen is capable of doing THIS!


What the hell is this!? Is this yoga!? Gymnastics?!


OMG HIM! We mean, uhhh, looks like a good workout…

Ugh, we REALLY need to go to the gym.