7 Must-Haves to Achieve Vanessa Hudgens' ‘Total Gypsy Bohemian’ Style

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7 Must-Haves to Achieve Vanessa Hudgens' ‘Total Gypsy Bohemian’ Style
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Vanessa Hudgens describes her personal style as “total gypsy bohemian” and we’re in LOVE with her constant music festival style. From her long skirts, to the flowers in her hair, Vanessa is a total Coachella spirit animal!

We'll show YOU how to get Vanessa’s look with the essential pieces to dress like a bohemian trash person.


1. Oversized Sweaters

Sweaters should not be worn for warmth, but rather for length!

The longer the better, your sweater should be grazing the floor.


2. Billowy Skirts

Billowy-ness is a very important factor when choosing an outfit.

Always test out the wind resistance of your skirts by walking into the wind. If the skirt fails to withstand a strong gust of wind, then that’s the one you wear.


3. A Sheer Skirt + Oversized Sweater

A sheer skirt PLUS an oversized sweater should satisfy that age-old bohemian problem of hot legs/cold upper body.

Remember, Coachella takes place in a DESERT, meaning extreme HIGHS and LOWS in temperature.


4. Floral, Floral, Floral

A floral skirt, dress, or ensemble is absolutely necessary to achieve full boho chic.

After all, the “flower child” is a direct fashion relative of the “gypsy bohemian.”


5. Tribal and/or Native American-Inspired Accessories

Pile on all the tribal and Native American-inspired accessories you can find, despite having no connection or ancestral lineage to said Native Americans.

Bolero ties, shirts that look like tanned animal leather, unnecessary feathers, and Ugg boots that kind of look like moccasins are all acceptable pieces.


6. Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is a boho staple!

No matter the weather or season, the sun's rays should NEVER get anywhere near your face.


7. A High-Low Dress

The essential bohemian is all about a dress that is longer in the back. A mini-skirt is just too mini and a maxi skirt can sometimes get in the way of fancy footwork.

A dress that is high in the front and low in the back is a perfect pairing of opposites, just like the bohemian girl herself…rich enough to afford Coachella tickets, but she still wants you to think her clothes were made by a gypsy in Morocco thirty years ago.