Vampire Diaries is CW's Most-Watched Premiere

September 11, 2009 By:
Vampire Diaries is CW's Most-Watched Premiere

It's safe to say people are really into vampires. The bloodsucking trend has just gotten more popular since Twilight, True Blood, and now Vampire Diaries. The latter premiered on the CW last night, and killed it!

The show, about a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers, became the highest watched premiere in the network's history. How bad is Melrose Place feeling right about now??

Vampire Diaries even beat out the 90210 premiere last year, which was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the last few years!

Vampire Diaries drew in 4.8 million viewers. They're giving Bella and Edward a run for their money! If you didn't tune in last night, might want to set the Tivo for next Thursday at 8PM!