Usher's Wife Released From Hospital

February 18, 2009 By:
Usher's Wife Released From Hospital

Usher’s wife Tameka Raymond has been released from the hospital in San Paulo.

She spent eleven days in the facility recovering from a cardiac arrest she suffered before undergoing a scheduled plastic surgery procedure.

According to a hospital spokesperson, Tameka was able to leave on Monday night.

They refused to give any further details of her treatment at the family’s request. Usher’s rep also had no comment at this time.

It seems like Usher and Tameka have been there for so long! And it just doesn’t seem worth to get liposuction hearing this story just a year after Kanye’s mom died from a similar reason.

Hopefully Tameka will realize how much her life was put in danger, and if she wants to lose a couple extra pounds, she can do it the old fashioned way next time. We wish her a full recovery!