Usher's Wife Keys His Car

October 9, 2009 By:
Usher's Wife Keys His Car

Usher may be A-ok when it comes to his divorce from Tameka Foster. But she doesn’t seem like such a happy camper. TMZ is reporting that Usher called the cops recently because he believes Tameka snuck on to his property and keyed one of his cars.

Officers say Tameka was not on the property when they arrived on the scene. They interviewed both Usher and Tameka, and determined there was no evidence to substantiate the singer’s claim.

And that’s not the end of it! Tameka also took the time this week to respond to Usher’s latest song called “Papers.” She wrote a blog on Global Grind talking about how singers put their fan base over their own morals.

An excerpt from the blog reads:

“The mirrors have definitely become smoky. So much in fact that it makes it hard for one to decipher reality from the facade. Is it Live or Memorex? Even the public should recognize the #FF (fame fanatics) who go to such great lengths to garner attention ranging from publicity ploys, outlandish stage outfits, sex tapes, head shaving, public grand standing, picture leaks and throwing tantrums. From vintage concepts of dating shows in hopes of finding a soul mate (huh? #wheredotheydothatat) to trying to hit Billboard Charts by any means necessary. Surely, the fans know better than to think what flows from “the pen” of any writer embodies the details of another human’s deepest and true desires. Sadly, men singing about love, politics, marriage, children or anything genuine and benevolent equates to album sales flop, mundane chatter and waning popularity. It takes a song about disparaging all the aforementioned just to get accolades and spins on the radio. Unlike a mathematical equation the negative induces the positive. The need to placate fans puts artists at their mercy, leading to maniacal decisions. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I digress….”

Sounds like a scorned woman to us! For the full passage, click here.