Usher's Ex-Wife Wants to Remove Usher's Custody Over Their Kids

November 29, 2011 By:
Usher's Ex-Wife Wants to Remove Usher's Custody Over Their Kids

R&B singer Usher Raymond’s ex-wife Tameka is trying to color Usher as a “dead beat dad.”

Hey, haven’t you seen the way Usher has fathered Justin Bieber? Err, I mean….

Tameka filed court papers in Georgie asking a judge to get rid of Usher’s physical custody of their kids because he hasn’t paid up in legal obligations. The couple had two kids together, four-year-old Usher Raymond V and two-year-old Naviyd Ely Raymond. The couple married in August 2007 and Usher filed for divorce in June 2009 saying they had been living separately for a year.

Tameka claims that Usher is supposed to get her permission anytime he travels outside the state with their kids, and he repeatedly fails to get her permission. Damn, busted for all those Vegas trips with the kids. She also says he did not get her approval before hiring nannies for the kids. Did Usher hire a stripper nanny again?

She also says that whenever Usher is away from the kids for longer than 8 hours, Tameka is supposed to be the first person he asks to babysit, but he fails to do so. He also didn’t allow her to have custody of the kids for 2 weeks over the summer as she was supposed to. She was also supposed to have sole custody of the kids over their winter break last year and that did not happen.

But the most offensive thing that Usher did was close out Tameka’s Saks 5th Avenue credit card! Gasp! How will she ever know when the store has its half yearly sale on bed linens! How will she ever get access into the Saks 5th Avenue cafe without the card!

Other monetary things that Usher has failed to do includes paying Tameka $5,000 per month so Tameka could hire her own nanny for the kids, but Usher hasn’t paid in months, owing her $34,000 worth of back payments.

Oh, but this one is good. Tameka says that there has been a “substantial change in Usher’s income” since they got divorced. Basically, she’s saying that’s he’s gotten MORE famous and therefore he makes more money, therefore she should get more money out of him.

I know you get a finders fee every time Justin Bieber winks during an interview. Pay up! – I imagine Tameka saying.

Because of all these “issues” brought up by Tameka, she wants his custody dropped immediately. According to TMZ a hearing on the matter is scheduled for tomorrow.