Usher's Ex Calls Him Out Over 'Bogus' Sympathy For Her Son's Death

August 2, 2012 By:
Usher's Ex Calls Him Out Over 'Bogus' Sympathy For Her Son's Death

Here’s some bad news to start off your Thursday. Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s oldest son Kile Glover passed away last week as a result of injuries he sustained following a tragic jet ski accident.

Prior to Kile's death, Tameka and Usher had been involved in a custody battle over their two children. That battle now continues and it looks like it's going to start getting pretty nasty.

In court documents filed by Tameka, the distraught mother claims that Usher didn't care about Kile and his displays of sympathy were totally phony.

Usher reportedly raised Kile as his own son when he and Tameka were married but Tameka said Usher only came to the hospital once while Kile was on life support for over two weeks.


She also claims that she asked Usher to send out a nice tweet about her son, something like, “Please pray for Kile,” and not only did Usher never mention Kile on Twitter but Usher’s first tweet after Kile's death was a photo of his own breakfast with the caption, “Breakfast of Champions.”

According to Tameka, Usher’s displays of sadness were total bullcrap to get sympathy from his fans and the media.

Usher asked that his custody hearing be delayed in the “wake of this tragedy” claiming that it would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” for him and Tameka.

In Tameka’s court documents against Usher she wrote, in her own words, that Usher’s claims of “stress and strain are bogus.”

Tameka doesn’t want the hearing postponed, calling Usher a “sham” and asks that the judge deny Usher’s requests and make him appear at the next scheduled hearing set for August 13.

Is Usher a deadbeat dad? Is Tameka slanging lies so she ends up with the kids in the custody battle? It’s hard to tell, but Kile passed away on July 21 and on July 24 Usher was tweeting pics of his breakfast food with no tweets in honor of the boy. Pretty weird behavior.

We've reached out to Usher's rep for a response to Tameka's claims. We'll let you know when he has something to say.