Usher Wins Heated Custody Battle Following Son's Near Drowning

August 9, 2013 By:
Usher Wins Heated Custody Battle Following Son's Near Drowning

After another bitter legal battle, Usher still retains custody over his children following a near drowning accident involving one of his sons this past Monday.

An Atlanta judge has dismissed his ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s motion to ask for emergency custody after their 5-year-old son, Usher Raymond V, became stuck in Usher’s swimming pool drain while trying to retrieve a toy. He was rushed to ICU, where he eventually recovered.

Tameka also took issue with Usher’s aunt Rena Oden, who was present at the time of the near drowning. Outside of the accident, Tameka feels Rena is too strict when disciplining her boys.

Tameka’s lawyers tried to make the case that Usher isn’t fit to have full custody, neglecting to inform her of the situation until an hour after, then refusing to answer emails and phone calls about her sons.

However, upon hearing further testimony from Usher and Rena, the judge was impressed by Rena’s supervision in the wake of the accident—promptly calling 911 and performing CPR on her nephew.

After the judge dismissed the motion, Usher and Tameka hugged one another in the courtroom, ready to put it all behind them and move forward.