Usher Didn’t Fake Sympathy For Son Says Source

August 4, 2012 By:

On Thursday, Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond outed Usher in court documents claiming the singer faked his sympathy over her son Kile Glover’s death.

Basically, Usher and Tameka are involved in a bitter child-custody dispute over their two children. In light of Kile’s passing, Usher asked that the August 13 custody hearing be pushed back so that he and Tameka could grieve.

However, Tameka filed her own court documents saying NOT to push back the court date and that Usher’s sympathy and grieving for Kile were “bogus.”

A source familiar with the situation told Hollyscoop that those “fake sympathy” claims are totally false. Try and wrap your head around that...the fake sympathy rumors are fake, meaning Usher DOES feel the loss of Tameka's son Kile.

The source tells us that he has seen the court documents and that Usher “asked for the court dates to be moved in Tameka’s consideration.”

“He was very respectful during the entire situation and even let Tameka use his private plane when the tragedy happened,” the source adds, wondering why Tameka doubted Usher's sincerity during the tragedy.

The source says that Usher DID ask to push back the court dates because he didn’t want to loose custody to his kids, fearing that Tameka would get full custody in light of the recent tragedy.

“He could potentially lose custody of his kids because there could be a greater sympathy towards Tameka,” says the source, “there is no reason why the tragedy should be tied to the custody battle, but unfortunately he is worried that sympathy [over Kile’s death] could be used as leverage on her part.”

“Anybody with common sense would have thought that she would want time to grieve before getting back into what has been a pretty nasty custody battle,” adds the source.