Usher Attacked By Woman for Parking in Handicap Spot

October 28, 2011 By:
Usher Attacked By Woman for Parking in Handicap Spot

Usher attacked by woman for parking in handicap spot.

For some reason, celebrities think they are above the law and they usually are. For example, how many times has Lindsay Lohan avoided jail? Exactly. Celebs sometimes think that they can do things, like park in a handicap spot with no problem. For whatever reason, they think being able bodied and famous means they can get away parking in a handicap spot, but for Usher Raymond last night, that wasn’t the case.

A frenzied woman tried to get into a fist fight with R&B star Usher after he parked his giant black SUV in a handicap parking spot.

Usher was in Atlanta, Georgia for the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. He decided to stop into a costume shop, parked in a handicap spot and then an angry woman started charging at Usher. Some random citizens had to hold her back while Usher stood there looking confused. This woman already had her earrings in her hand and was ready to get it in with Usher.

I don’t know if Usher has a secret handicap that we don’t know about, but when the woman flailed her arms and wailed that he should move his car, he refused, which only angered her more.

At one point she screamed, “You don’t belong here!” Where? Atlanta, the costume shop, or the handicap spot? I think she should be a little more specific.

The lady pulled at his hoodie and screamed “hold me back.” Just kidding about the “hold me back” part. It was the woman’s husband who finally dragged her away and then shortly after Usher himself left. About 10 people were swarming Usher’s car trying to subdue this woman.

The best part about this video is that because they are in the parking lot for a Halloween store, there’s a dude dressed as Elvis trying to break up a fight. I could have titled this, “Elvis breaks up a fight between Usher and a crazy woman” and it would be 100% fact.

There’s also a man dressed as some kind of winged fairy who also tries to step in and save the day.

Usher’s reps could not be reached for comment.

Aside from the fact that it’s super lame that Usher took a parking spot away from a handicap person who probably needs it more, Usher can’t be all that bad. Justin Bieber says Usher is his own personal Dr. Phil

“[Usher] hits me up all the time, we always talk about, not only business, but like about relationships and how to cope with being where I am in the world. He's been great. He's been my Dr. Phil,” says Bieber.

I wonder what that advice might be? When you achieve a certain level of fame and need to visit a Halloween costume store last minute, f-ck the rules and roll up in a handicap spot. What’s the worst that can happen?