Usher and Tameka Foster: It's War!

January 2, 2012 By:
Usher and Tameka Foster: It's War!

Usher and his ex wife Tameka Foster didn’t exactly have an amicable split, and two years later they’re still fighting like cats and dogs.

After Usher canceled Tameka’s Saks 5th Avenue credit card, she went nuts and tried to take his kids away from him. Yeah, cause that’s totally the same thing.

Tameka went to court claiming Usher wasn’t a good father and that he wouldn’t get permission from her to take their two boys out of the state for work/vacations. She was also pissed that he would hire new nannies without her approval. And that’s just the short list. He throws towels on the floor, he likes tea over coffee, he clips his toenails in bed..

Well long story short, Usher is now claiming he never canceled the Saks card, which prevented her from taking advantage of “special benefits”, which started all this drama. And now he’s filing his own response asking the judge to reject her bid for full custody.

As TMZ previously reported, Tameka has also tried numerous times to get the judge to force Usher to submit to a drug test. So far, no luck.

All the crazies will be back in court on February 27th.