Usher Addresses Divorce in His New Album

August 10, 2009 By:
Usher Addresses Divorce in His New Album

For Usher there's no place like Las Vegas, and on Friday night, he attracted fans and reporters to his "second home" at the Palm's for the debut of his new Vegas magazine cover.

Usher has been living at the Palm's since he started recording his new album, tentatively titled “Monster,” and he spoke to Hollyscoop about his inspiration behind his album and his tumultuous life changes.

Usher is currently going through a divorce from his wife Tameka Foster, but when it comes to his upcoming album, you can expect something that is "very eclectic, very open," he said. "For me it was about reestablishing myself in an area of entertainment," Usher told Hollyscoop exclusively.

"My last album was more about my personal experience," he said. "But this one is more about lifestyle. It's about the dance, about the sexiness of it. It's about the passion. It's about what people really missed," he added.

Reflecting on the last year, Usher said, "I had some tumultuous life changes but for the most part I came out shinier than a beautiful brand new penny...or let me say a silver dollar," he said with a smile.

He added, "I feel really great about the music I recorded and where I am in my life right now. I can only expect great things from the music that comes from it. Every album is really a process I go through because I feel like in terms of classic R&B music and pop music across the board, you gotta understand what people have always loved."

A lot of Usher's previous albums have been a reflection of his personal life and relationships. He's always telling a story about a love affair, a gorgeous girl, and the pain and heartache that can come from loving someone too much. In his new album he has a song entitled, "Filing Papers," which is undoubtedly about his pending divorce.

"We're just recycling a lot of what we do or at times what has been done, so there’s been so many great artists who have been able to tell stories. I kind of grabbed on to a few of my personal stories and put it in my music grabbed on to some of the emotion of the past, you know what a classic R&B Usher pop record is," Usher told Hollyscoop.

Usher has an amazing ability to speak to your heart through his music, and now that's going through heartache and loss, we have no doubt that this will be his best album to date!

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