Usher, Shakira Replacing Cee-Lo and X-Tina on ‘The Voice’

September 17, 2012 By:
Usher, Shakira Replacing Cee-Lo and X-Tina on ‘The Voice’

In the never-ending game of who-is-judging-the-reality-singing-show, “The Voice” decided they weren’t getting enough attention during all the “American Idol” talk and has reportedly ditched Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green for season 4 of the reality series.

Get this, they are being replaced by Usher and Shakira! Say whhhatt!

Not only is this crazy news because Season 3 is only one week in, but just last week, a Christina Aguilera source told our sister site Stereotude that Christina Aguilera is definitely NOT leaving “The Voice” after Billboard ran a story that Christina was taking time off to get back to making music.

“The quotes were taken out of context and the reports that she is taking time off from ‘The Voice’ season four to record music are completely inaccurate,” a source close to Christina tells Hollyscoop.

Well, according to US Weekly a source very close to the show spilled the beans on the new judges.

However, this could be a faulty source, because “The Voice” reportedly announced that they are considering doing two-seasons a year, meaning Usher and Shakira could be joining the show during the Spring which maybe never intended to have the original judges anyways.

Now that “American Idol” confirmed its lineup of Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson we can start focusing on “The Voice” judges line-up, because really these shows are about the judges and NOT the contestants. Amiright?