The Hoff Has Lost His Marbles!

September 30, 2006 By:
The Hoff Has Lost His Marbles!

David Hasselhoff was on British TV yesterday morning being interviewed when he decided it was a great opportunity to take a little nap. Must have been an intriguing interview.

The interview consisted of flirting, dancing and napping (on Hoff's part) to which he later blamed his unusual behavior on sleeping pills.

Hasselhoff attempted to flirt with the host Jenni Falconer saying, "You're not engaged. Oh I have a chance." He then performed a dance routine to his new song, which was aimed at Falconer, before falling asleep during a break in the early-morning show.

A spokesperson for the show dismissed the charges of Hoff being drunk early in the morning saying, "We do not believe he was drunk. There was no smell of alcohol."

I think the world (and us) have had enough of the Hoff, shit we don't even have a category for him, I just keep putting him under 'useless info'. He needs to disappear for a while.