'Up in the Air' Lands in Selected Theaters Today

December 4, 2009 By:
'Up in the Air' Lands in Selected Theaters Today

Are you ready for George Clooney? Because he's ready for you! Clooney's critically acclaimed movie Up in the Air is ready to land in theaters, but unfortunately, not every theaters. The movie will open in selected theaters today, and nationwide on Christmas Day.

But if you're not lucky enough to live in a Clooney approved city, here are some other amazing flicks opening up this weekend:

A crew of officers at an armored transport security firm plan the ultimate heist to steal millions from their own company.

When a Marine goes missing overseas, his black-sheep brother cares for his wife and children at home, with serious consequences.

Everybody's Fine
A widower embarks on a road trip to reconnect with his grown children only to find that their lives are far from perfect.

Up in the Air: (Select Theaters Only): George Clooney is a corporate downsizing expert who makes a connection with the frequent-flyer woman of his dreams.


The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner star in the next chapter of the popular supernatural romance saga.

The Blind Side
Sandra Bullock stars as a well-to-do suburban mom who forms an unlikely friendship with a struggling teen from a broken home.

A group of survivors struggle to stay alive when a global cataclysm - predicted by the Mayan calendar - brings an end to the world.

Old Dogs
Robin Williams and John Travolta are not-so-kid-savvy bachelors who are unexpectedly charged with the care of 7-year-old twins.

Disney's A Christmas Carol
Jim Carrey is the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge in a new animated adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale.

Check out the trailer and Los Angeles premiere of 'Up in the Air' below featuring our special interview with George Clooney...