Uma Thurman: It's A Girl!

March 7, 2012 By:
Uma Thurman: It's A Girl!

There are so many celebrity pregnancies happening, I nearly forgot Uma Thurman was one of the Hollywood moms-to-be. But alas, the actress is with child, and it looks like that child is going to be a girl.

A friend of Uma’s told the new issue of Life & Style: “Uma is having a baby girl.”

Uma already has two children (with her ex, Ethan Hawke): 10 year-old Levon and 13 year-old Maya.

“She’s happy and just a few months along right now,” the source says. “She’s due in late summer.”

A rep for Uma confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, Uma praised her Bel Ami costar Robert Pattinson. The two star as lovers-turned-spouses in the upcoming flick.

"He's very serious,” Uma said of Robert. “He did a huge amount of rehearsal in his own time. I think that's what you do as a young actor, when you take your work very seriously and want to take it to the next level."

She continued, "You know, when you've been doing this a really long time, it's hard to take it all so seriously. I said to him, 'Don't get too upset about it because, before you know it, Twilight will just be an old film that made you lucky enough to get another job'. But when you're in that position and you're young, it's hard to hear through the noise."

Thurman says she actually finds work to be an escape from her “intense” personality.

"I'm not very relaxed naturally. I'm one of those highly-focused, overly intense characters. I often drive myself nuts,” Uma said in an interview with Stylist magazine. "I actually find work can be quite relaxing. When the children were little I wasn't able to work like I did before. So now, when I do work, it's very much like, 'This is good, this is my time.'"