What's On TV Tonight?

October 17, 2007 By:
What's On TV Tonight?

Grey's Anatomy

Seattle Grace prepares for a cafeteria throw-down between Izzie and Callie at high noon and Izzie is confident her trailer park upbringing will come in handy. Derek scolds Cristina on how she’s treating the interns, but is it more than a coincidence that his concern comes after he caught her snapping at Lexie? Meanwhile, the Chief's niece is rushed to the hospital and Norman makes a mistake with one of Meredith’s patient.

Thursday at 9pm ET on ABC

Ugly Betty

A few questions loom from last week episode: Will romance bloom between Betty and Gio? Is Ignacio alive? This week, James Van Der Beek guest stars as a major Mode advertiser who gives Daniel an ultimatum regarding Alexis. Meanwhile, Amanda begins the hunt for her real father and Betty gets into trouble when she starts her writing class.

Thursday at 8pm ET on ABC

30 Rock
Concerned that GE will dig up some dirt on him, Jack hires a private investigator. Tracy’s wife makes good on her promise to be at his side constantly. And although her extra pounds have brought her plus-size fame, Jenna starts to shed some of that summer weight.
Thursday at 8:30pm ET on NBC

Chloe makes an appointment with Dr. Curtis Knox (guest star Dean Cain), who she hears has been removing abilities from meteor-infected people. What she doesn’t know is that Knox’s secret plan involves killing patients to harvest their organs. Kara defies Clark’s instructions to remain at the farm and tricks Jimmy into helping her locate her crystal. Lana finds a way to keep an eye on Lex.
Thursday at 8pm ET on The CW