What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

May 8, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

Charlie's return took everyone by surprise a few weeks ago, and though her overplayed sympathy card worked like a charm on the gullible Henry, it effectively ruined Betty's birthday. But it's probably not in Betty's DNA to hold a grudge, and tonight she takes the high road by throwing the mother of all baby showers. (Sorry, Charlie, Ms. Suarez will kill you with kindness every time.) Speaking of the high road, Christina the pregnant Scot finally learns the paternity of the child she's carrying for Wilhelmina, who uses the low road like her own personal adopt-a-highway program.

Scrubs @ 8:30pm

As the seventh season comes to a close, the fate of Scrubs is still unknown. But that uncertainty does nothing to dampen the enthusiasm and creativity of tonight's episode, in which Dr. Cox tells his son a fairy tale starring the Sacred Heart staff. Though the action is in the make-believe world, the personalities remain the same: J.D. is the village idiot, Elliot a princess, Turk and Carla a two-headed beast and Kelso an evil villain. A big-budget and action-packed affair, this episode is a fitting way to end the season with a bang... and a bit of magic.

ER @ 10pm

In the aftermath of last week's hostage situation, most of the staff returns to business as usual at County. Morris, however, realizes that the trauma might not be completely behind him. Meanwhile, Neela is unable to maintain her professional detachment with a patient (Aida Turturro) who has taken a turn for the worse, and Abby fields a job offer from another practice. If Abby goes, will the ER will ever be the same?

Lost @ 10pm
Last week, we got to see the beginnings of what will drive Jack off the rails when Lost's future catches up with itself, but tonight we go back to the past — to Locke's childhood, specifically — while present-day Locke finally finds Jacob's cabin. In other cabin-related news, look for cabin fever to break out on the freighter. In other time-shifting news, say hello again to Horace Godspeed, the guy who found baby Ben by the side of the road and who later was killed by hostiles on the island. Plus, Dr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) is back. Expect him to stay around for a while.