Ugly Betty is Back!

February 20, 2009 By:
Ugly Betty is Back!

According to Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato, the cancellation rumors are “total baloney.”

Mark spoke during the Mercedes-Benz fashion Week and said, “People just take things and they blow it completely out of proportion. Ugly Betty is not being canceled.”

In fact, “We are coming back in May on Thursdays for sweeps. That’s happening for sure,” Mark says.

Although, Mark (who plays Justin on the show) admits that even he “got really scared for a moment.” He says, “We are definitely not being canceled. We have not gotten the official pick up letter yet but we are hoping for it. I love being on the show and I think t hat we have some good potential for another season.”

In the meantime, Ugly Betty is going on a six-week hiatus and Mark graciously said, “We are really happy that ABC is giving two other shows a chance in a very prime spot.”

Those two shows are Samantha Who? and the new Megan Mullally-Cheryl Hines comedy In the Motherhood, which will debut on March 26th.

Keeping positive is wonderful. Thanks Mark for giving us the scoop! Now let’s hear from you - critics - are you hoping for a season 4 of Ugly Betty? Or are you looking forward to the new ABC comedies?