Tyra Reveals Her Real Hair in Season Opener

September 8, 2009 By:
Tyra Reveals Her Real Hair in Season Opener

Tyra Banks kicked off the season five premiere of her talk show today, and audience got to see her like never before! Tyra took the stage minus her weave, something she’s never done in the history of her show!

For the past few weeks, the talk show queen has been talking about revealing her real hair on national television. And she finally got the nerve to do it!

She walked out on stage donning her real hair, which was wet. She then let the audience members watch as her people styled her real hair. Tyra has declared today National Real Hair Day.

Her goal was to challenge people to “be brave enough to show it to everybody on national television." What do you think of Tyra’s natural locks? Check ‘em out below!