Tyra Banks Gets Sued

September 3, 2009 By:
Tyra Banks Gets Sued

With a last name like 'Banks' you'd think Tyra Banks, who is worth $140 million dollars, would pay her bills on time, but not so much!

Her former assistant Richard Thomas is suing Tyra for $5,820. He claims Tyra still owes him back wages plus a little extra.

According to TMZ, the complaint says Thomas wants the money for "services rendered as assistant and advisor."

The legal documents require Thomas to ask Banks for the money prior to the filing of the suit, to which he responded, "I have not been able to catch (Tyra) while she is in."

Tyra's rep couldn't be reached for comment, but Tyra herself is commenting on the recent rumors of her engagement. Rumors started when she was spotted sporting an "engagement" ring to the Daytime Emmy Awards.

In response to the rumors she tweeted: "Hearing about crazy rumors that I'm engaged. Well, I'm not. The 'RING' is my high school class ring. It's 10k gold, and has zero diamonds. Ha!"