Tyra Banks Confirms Sequel to Our Favorite Childhood Movie Ever

January 20, 2014 By:
Tyra Banks Confirms Sequel to Our Favorite Childhood Movie Ever

It’s been 14 years since Life-Size nestled its way into our childhood hearts and over the weekend Tyra Banks tweeted some exciting news we’ve been patiently waiting for since the year 2000: There’s going to be a sequel.

Hopefully this confirmation ends the high-pitched, supersonic squealing that’s been ringing for the past 18 hours—blame anyone who remembers Life-Size.

For those who don’t, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane to refresh you on the plot of the first installment. Remember: This is a real movie.


It stars Tyra Banks.

Yes, Tyra Banks, a perfect specimen of a woman making her acting debut as a doll marketed as the perfect woman, which comes to life.


The doll was literally called Perfect Woman.

It was a total stretch for her.


Lindsay Lohan stars as Casey Stuart, a tomboy who is the quarterback of her school’s seventh grade football team.


After her mom dies, she tries to resurrect her with a dusty old book of spells…


But brings her doll, Eve, to life instead. Whoops!


See, Casey was supposed to use her mom’s hair, but accidentally used the doll’s hair instead. HATE when that happens.


Anyway, now that Eve’s a full-blown human being, her entire life’s purpose is to be a full-blown human BFF.


And be perfect in every way.


But adjusting to the physical world isn’t a walk in the park for Eve.


Over the next few days, she attempts to be a secretary, goes shopping, and fails at cooking.

She nearly burns down the family's kitchen, but whatever because THEY’RE BONDING.


Luckily, she discovers the wonders of eating, and like us, uses it to get her through the toughest of times.


Being life-sized is an all around stressful state.


Which helps her give life-sized advice to Casey.

Tell us about it, gurl.


Ultimately, Eve decides to return to doll form, but not before an uplifting musical sequence.

Add it to your iTunes and listen to it on repeat until the sequel arrives!