Tyra And Rachael Ray Team Up To End Hunger

September 30, 2008 By:
Tyra And Rachael Ray Team Up To End Hunger

Tyra Banks and Rachael Ray are coming together as a team for the worthwhile and important cause of feeding the hungry.

Tyra and Rachael will both be encouraging their fans to bring canned goods to be donated to City Harvest. As a board member of City Harvest, a food rescue organization, Rachael felt compelled to step up and do something.

"Our country's food pantries are empty, and as Americans we should be ashamed of that, especially as a country with so much wealth. There are epidemic proportions of people going on food stamps. It's literally your neighbor. It could be you," she said.

Visit www.yum-o.org or www.tyrashow.com to get involved.