Denise Richards Turns Down $100,000 'Two And A Half Men' Offer

September 21, 2011 By:
Denise Richards Turns Down $100,000 'Two And A Half Men' Offer

Based on the first episode of the season, I'm guessing her role would have been Denise Richards, and her dialogue would have been: "Hi, I am Denise Richards, I am appearing on this show."

According to Life & Style, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was offered $100,000 to appear in an episode of Two and a Half Men. I know that seems like a lot, but considering how much they're paying everyone else, including Sheen, that's nothing. They probably pay more than that just to get power to Ashton Kutcher's trailer.

Producers wanted Richards to play one of Charlie's Harper's former lovers during his funeral.

"They wanted to bring back a real ex,” an insider tells the mag. "It was hard for Denise to say no because “she really wants to get back into TV,” says a friend.

Wait…Denise Richards was on TV before? I thought she was just famous for writing a book about Charlie Sheen and talking about her lesbian endeavors.

She thought about it, but in the end, decided to turn it down. “Charlie would’ve gone crazy, and Denise knows where her bread is buttered,” the source adds.

Exactly, after Sheen's $100 million settlement with Warner Bros., she'll probably be getting more Two and a Half Men money by not being on the show.

A record audience tuned into Two and a Half Men when they premiered the first episode of the season on Monday night. A majority of viewers were reportedly disappointed. And I don't know how science and statistics gauged that so fast, but I think when Ashton Kutcher had his first line, we were all in unanimous agreement.

And here's why. Everything that we heard was going to happen on the show happened, and that was it. It was like the characters were reading lines from the media. "I am Ashton Kutcher. I am rich. I would like to buy this house."

There was also a fart.

The audience was more than double the audience that tuned in for the 2010 season opener. And it's been the highest number of people that have watched the show in its first eight seasons.

I don’t think you can deny that a huge portion of those viewers were tuning in because of Charlie Sheen's meltdown—just to see what they were going to do with the story and how Ashton was incorporated. Next week will probably be a better estimate of what the revamped, Charlie-less show will look like.