Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men

April 1, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen is saying bye bye to Two and a Half Men, or so we hear.

Charlie has reportedly been telling friends that he's not returning to the show and sources on set tell People magazine he won't return after they wrap up on April 9th.

“Charlie’s just done,” says a set source. “And he’s quietly telling his friends he’s not coming back.”

Sheen's rep Stan Rosenfield would only say: “Charlie’s deal is only through this current season.”

Rehab Cost Charlie Sheen $1.5 Million Dollars

CBS was hoping he would return for the 8th season, but “he wants to move on,” says a friend of the actor. “Leaving is 100 percent his idea.”

Charlie is currently the highest paid actor on television making almost $1 million dollars per episode, but apparently that wasn't enough for him. According to reports, he wanted $2 million per episode, and CBS wouldn't cave.

Between the rehab stints, arrests and boozing, it seems like Charlie's life is spiraling out of control almost as fast as Lindsay’s! Hope he gets it together!