Twilight is Top-Selling Release of 2009

March 31, 2009 By:
Twilight is Top-Selling Release of 2009

We’ve all come to be familiar with the magnitude of Twilight. It began with the books, and quickly the movie became extremely popular. It topped both U.S. and U.K. box office charts last year, with estimated earnings of $376 million.

And now that it’s just been released on DVD, Twilight has become the biggest home release of the year. Not too surprising. The film sold 5.6 million DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in its first week of sale this month, overtaking Madagascar: Escape To Africa as the most popular release of 2009. reports, “A common yardstick used by studios is 20,000 units in first-week sales per $1 million at the box office, which would put the expectation for Twilight, with a $191 million box-office take, at 3.8 million units sold in its first week. At 5.2 million units, Twilight performed more like a $260 million theatrical release.”

Summit’s home entertainment chief, Steve Nickerson, attributed the title’s success in large part to its Saturday release, noting that many retailers would not have staged midnight parties for a standard Tuesday release. “These girls would rather have a community event. All we did was help facilitate what the fans would want.”

Cast members made appearances at some stores, with 2,500 fans showing up in Salt Lake City to see Rachelle Lefevre at a Wal-Mart; 2,000 people in Los Angeles to see Ashley Greene at Hot Topic; and more than 1,000 fans in Dallas for director Catherine Hardwicke at Wal-Mart.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s working! And fans are more excited than ever for the release of New Moon, due out in November.