Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I Breaks Records Overseas

November 21, 2011 By:
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I Breaks Records Overseas

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 has just set a record for the Twilight Franchise and sets itself as the fourth largest overseas opening weekend for a film in 2011.

Say what you want about the acting in The Twilight films, the bizarre and gaping plot holes, Robert Pattinson’s “American” accent or the blatant Yahoo product placement in the film, but Breaking Dawn just raked in $144 million in overseas markets in opening weekend alone.

That puts this film ahead of past Twilight films like New Moon, which debuted to $132.5 million in foreign markets, and Eclipse, which opened to $104.5 million. Also, to put this in perspective, the first Twilight film made $200 million in it’s entire foreign theater run. Breaking Dawn made almost that in one weekend.

Other films opening in foreign markets over the weekend had to learn to accept the Breaking Dawn leftovers. Paramount and Steven Speilberg’s epic story The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn in 3D grossed only $21.7 million overseas. Oooo, this is that awkward moment when a vampire soap opera grosses 6 times as much as a 3D Steven Spielberg film.

Sorry, future of filmmaking, but as long as Twilight exists, nobody cares about storytelling anymore. That being said, I just tweeted about how attractive Robert Pattinson is. Woops.

However, in the domestic openings, Breaking Dawn did crazy numbers but didn’t have as large an opening as the second film in the franchise, New Moon. The entire US opening weekend numbers for Breaking Dawn brought in $139.5 million, while New Moon raked in $142.8 million back in 2009.

Richie Fay, Summits domestic distribution president thinks that the Twilight fanbase is growing up and not as likely to rush to the theaters opening weekend anymore.

“As we all know, as folks get older, the impulse to get out and be the first one to see the movie isn’t there,” suggests Fay.

Well, I’m too old to still care about Twilight and I went this weekend, so your logic is flawed Mr. Fay! We still care! We still care! Omigod I need a xanax.

The penguin tap-dancing movie, Happy Feet Two, was unfortunately hurt by opening the same weekend as Twilight. It opened to a paltry $22 million as Breaking Dawn scooped up anyone who might have gone to seen Happy Feet Two on a different weekend. Probably the only people watching Happy Feet were 7 year olds and their baby sitters whose parents strictly enforced, “Do not take them to see Twilight whatever you do!”