Real Twilight Town Getting Reality Show

December 28, 2009 By:
Real Twilight Town Getting Reality Show

Most tweens have become familiar with the town of Forks, Washington because of the Twilight Saga series. And now the real town of Forks is getting its own reality show! According to The Wrap, producer Zig Gauthier is developing a series based on the real people of Forks.

The producer says: "Obviously we won't be out on the ocean or dealing with that kind of danger, but the idea is to show what life here is really like. There are a variety of ways we could do this, but of course this is at the very beginning stages."

Apparently the series will show that Forks isn’t really about the fight between vampires and werewolves. “We want people who have a true connection to the community. We want to avoid people with outlandish claims," he says.

The exact premise of the show hasn’t been decided as of yet, but Gauthier says he wants to hold off until casting is complete and potential networks have had a chance to show interest. But we hear some possible concepts being considered are a "Laguna Beach"-type series where cameras follow a group of Forks high-schoolers, or something more family focused like "The Real Housewives."

Without Bella and Edward, we can’t imagine this town being too exciting! But it sounds like the town of Forks is trying hard to establish a separate image from the Twilight series. Are you interested in seeing the show?