'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Engaged to 'Idol' Alum

June 6, 2011 By:
'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Engaged to 'Idol' Alum

MTV has a ton of celebrity surprises planned at this year's Movie Awards, but one has just been revealed: Twilight star Nikki Reed is engaged.

Reed has been dating American Idol castoff Paul McDonald. Not only did they confirm they were dating by snuggling up to each other on the way to the MTV Movie Awards, but she basically just announced their engagement:

"He's the one," she told the press when asked if the couple has plans to wed. A source confirms that the two are indeed engaged.

Reed says her soon-to-be-husband has a new EP coming out, and she's the star.

"He's says he's going to release a Nikki Reed EP," Reed boasted.

McDonald recently gushed,
"[Nikki's] supercool."

Yeah, maybe hire a speechwriter for your vows. When he was booted from Idol, Nikki was extremely supportive of her talent star boyfriend.

"She's actually pumped up now because she likes my original material way better than all the stuff I do on the show."

That could have something to do with all the songs being about her. Let's hope this isn't the "other Twilight surprise" MTV had planned when the Breaking Dawn trailer leaked.