New Teaser Trailer For The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Summit Entertainment just released a teaser trailer in anticipation of the teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Basically, there’s a new 10 second Twilight teaser trailer, and tomorrow, there will be a new(er) long(er) Twilight teaser trailer.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s full length trailer, let’s break down all the action jam packed into this 10 second clip of glory.

I have to explain so much vampire speak for anyone to truly appreciate what’s going on here.

The video begins with Bella and Edward holding their new daughter Renesmee (yes, that’s her name, hold your laughter please).

Jacob makes a face and Edward struggles to gasp out, “The Volturi. They think she is an immortal child.”

Alice (Edwards sister) makes an “oh” face and yells out, “The Volturi are coming.”

The Volturi is like what would happen if the mafia ran America, and was comprised of vampires. The most important thing to know is that Dakota Fanning’s character in the movie is a member of the Volturi. Got it? Good.

Then Bella explains in defense, “She was born! She wasn’t bitten! She grows everyday!”

Do not be confused, Bella isn’t just proud at “see how fast my daughter is growing,” her daughter is a freak. Bella gave birth to Edwards half-vampire child but the Volturi thinks that baby is an “immortal child.”

Uggh, here comes the explaining. Bella’s daughter grows at like 10x speed. She ages about a month every day, so the Volturi thinks she was a human child that got bitten and turned into a vampire, what they call an “immortal child.” “Immortal children” are illegal, like prostitutes and dogs without permits.

Anyways, that’s all that happens, because it’s only 10 seconds long.

Check back here tomorrow for the full teaser trailer. Hopefully, it will be longer than a few intense stares and mumblings about the Volturi.
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