What's On TV Tonight?

October 22, 2007 By:
What's On TV Tonight?

For Monday....Stay Tuned for:

Dancing With the Stars @ 8pm
There was controversy last week over the "no lifts" rule but no one was penalized. Orgasm worthy Wade Robson choreographed and performed in his own amazing routine. Sadly, Floyd Mayweather got the cut and made his exit. He may want to float like a butterfly but he can't dance like one. Watch the new routines tonight and see who will be eliminated this Tuesday. Don't miss tomorrow results episode with a special performance from the very pregnant Jennifer Lopez. Let's see if we can spot the baby (babies?) bump!

Samantha Who? @ 9:30
(If you like Ugly Betty you'll love Sam Who?) And right after DWTS, watch the new comedy with Christina Applegate. The pilot just aired last week and is getting some serious attention. Christina plays Samantha "Sam" Newly who is forced to start over with her life after a horrific accident leaves her stricken with amnesia. As she reconnects with acquaintances in her old life, however, Sam is disconcerted to discover she apparently had been a self-centered, narcissistic witch with no successful relationships to speak of. She'd like to be good now -- so why does she keep feeling this compulsion to be bad? The cast makes this show. Jennifer Esposito is a delight as Sam's friend. Truly a must see.

Afterwards on Showtime...

Weeds @ 10pm
If you don't have Showtime then it's time to subscribe. They have a full line of talented new episodes from Dexter, Weeds and Californication. First up is Weeds with Mary Louise Parker playing the Nancy Botwin potselling-mom extraordinaire of Agrestic suburbs. This is the mom we all wish we had at home. She cool, funny, and deals pot to support her family. She's so wrong but we love her and root for her anyway. Much like American Beauty did for us by showing the true dysfunction of suburban families...this show gives a healthy dose each week. And no matter how outlandish the theme or characters, we surprisingly relate to their struggles and laugh with joy over the irony. Don't miss Mary-Kate Olsen's part on the show- very steamy!!

Californication @ 10:30
Centers on novelist Hank Moody played by David Duchovny who struggles to raise his 13-year-old daughter, while still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend Karen. His obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior -- drinks, drugs and relationships -- are both destroying and enriching his career. Duchovny is best known to millions of fans for his role as Agent Fox Mulder on the long-running cult classic television series, "The X-Files," but on this show he is an all new Duchovny. He is sarcastic and a drunk. Not to mention promiscuous. The perfect combo for my craving. Duchovny is marvelous to watch as he repulses himself with his destructive behavior. This show has been slowly getting more and more viewers each week and is slated to come back for season 2 in the summer. Catch up on old episodes TW On Demand or on the Internet. Lots of fun for males and females- make it a couple night!