What's On TV Tonight?

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America's Next Top Model: @ 8pm
Fans who may have missed out on some of the season's first half can catch up with this week's recap show. Some of the new footage includes Tyra discussing body image with the models, ugly confrontations Bianca has with Chantal and Ebony, Jenah chipping her tooth, and Bianca hurting her lip when she runs into a glass door. The glass door? Now that sounds hilarious!

Kid Nation: @ 8pm
Watch this family friendly show for kids (and us), about kids and totally run by kids!! This episode has bit of the jitters just in time for Halloween. The town-council members search for a treasure chest in a gold mine; money becomes a problem for some pioneers when kids start selling products on the street; and one citizen is accused of bribing others to gain support to get a gold star.

Gossip Girl: @ 9pm
Last week's episode was full of mystery, trickery and new green-eyed beauty. The masquerade ball was delish eye candy and made me want to throw my own. Perhaps for New Years? Hmmm... Tonight the kids face a variety of parental issues: Nate worries his father has a drug problem and confronts him about it; Jenny uncovers a secret her parents have been keeping from her; and Chuck tries to impress his demanding dad by investing in a club. Elsewhere, Blair is disappointed in Nate once again; and Dan and Serena acknowledge their true feelings for one another. Stay tuned form more guilty pleasure from Dirty Sexy Money on right after GG.

Dirty Sexy Money: @ 10pm
You could call them Gossip Girl's older more-evil twin or perhaps their conniving grown-up parents. This show is juicy and worth tuning in for sights of the first ever transsexual playing a female on prime time TV. Candis Cayne looks so eerily convincing as a woman- she looks like a tall model! These two soaps are self-consciously over-the-top but they ask us to join in on the fun, from a smartly satiric distance. Which explains Gossip Girl's snarky narration (perfectly delivered by Kristen Bell), and why Dirty Sexy Money filters its preposterous shenanigans through the perspective of family lawyer Nick George, played by Peter Krause with just the right tone of warily amused exasperation. Tonight Tripp and Simon Elder face off in a high-stakes poker game, and Karen learns she can't get married until she finalizes her divorce. Meanwhile, Juliet spends time with Brian Jr., and photos of Patrick and Carmelita are used for blackmail.

posted by Leah Bermudez
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