What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

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As you are enjoying your Halloween candy and watching your fave tv shows keep in mind the WGA contract has officaially expired. The WGA and A.M.P.T.P. are meeting today to see if they can come to a new agreement, particularly the amount writer's get in residuals from DVD sales and intermet media. The two sides have been unable to come to a new agreement and is very likely that the WGA will go on strike. This will affect all out scripted tv shows on prime time tv and so forth. The good thing is they have enough scripts to last until January. Wheww! Let's hope they get a new contract and we can enjoy our programming uninterrupted! Check out what's on TV tonight.....

Survivor:China  @ 8pm
"Drop your buffs," Jeff Probst tells the 10 remaining castaways tonight, as the Fei Long and Zhan Hu tribes merge. But before the teams come together, there is a desperate search for the remaining hidden immunity idol and one player falsely believes that there are three of them. At Tribal Council, one person shocks everyone else by believing that he/she is invincible. That's never a good thing.

Ugly Betty @ 8pm
There are so many things happening on this show — and so much praise to heap upon them — sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Just last week, for instance, Marc got a boyfriend, Betty and Henry gave in to their hearts, and Christina's husband showed up(!). But there's also the matter of saving "Mode," forcing Daniel to prove himself all over again. And though it may be difficult to win over his father, he probably won't have to try too hard when he courts an advertiser (Marlo Thomas) with a thing for younger men.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9pm
What a difference a season makes! Last year at this time, Cristina was sleeping with the cardiothoracic chief; now she's staring daggers at the new one, steely Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). Don't be surprised if things change, but for now Cristina's hardly the favorite in her surgical smackdown with Izzie, who's now officially half of "Gizzie." Poor Callie. When she was with George, did you ever hear anyone call them "Gallie"? It's every bit as cute as "Gizzie." Now Callie's living with Cristina. Are things getting circular or just tied in knots?

The Office  @ 9pm
Here are the romantic "fax" of life at the office: Jim and Pam are hot, Dwight and Angela are not, and Andy and Angela are giving it a shot. And tonight marks the return of Jim's ex, the long-missing Karen (Rashida Jones). But she stirs up a biting branch battle when she tries to lure Stanley away from the Scranton facility, causing Michael to return fire. Meanwhile, a "Finer Things Club" impacts the staffers.
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