Watch The Fashionista Diaries!

August 1, 2007 By:
Watch The Fashionista Diaries!

We know there are a lot of fashionistas that read this website so this upcoming show will be perfect for y’all. There is a new show called “The Fashionista Diaries” which is actually on air tonight on the Soapnet channel at 9PM et/pt.

So what’s the show all about and why should we watch it?

It is an "Apprentice" type show, but for fashionistas. I loved “The Apprentice” and I definitely love fashion so this seems like a great combo right?

What should we expect on tonight’s episode?

Six newbies plunge into worlds of fashion, beauty, public relations and magazine publishing. In their first week on the job, they live out their fantasies and endure painfully rude awakenings at the same time.

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