Washington Paying The Price

March 6, 2007 By:
Washington Paying The Price

If you thought all the Isaiah Washington drama was over, think again. For about a week now there's been 'Grey's Anatomy' salary drama between ABC execs and Katherine Heigl. Now Washington is getting screwed too because of his big mouth.

"All the actors are in the midst of contract renegotiations," a source said. "But ABC is using Isaiah's recent troubles to keep from paying him more."

"Isaiah knows it is his fault that he may not get the fat raise he was going to get. ABC doesn't have to give him anything - he is under contract for seven years - and this is going to cost him millions. It's just a bitter pill he is going to have to swallow."

A rep for Washington said, "We are going to do our business in private, not in the press."