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Dancing with the Stars: @ 9pm
The good thing is you don't have to wait till next week to see the outcome of last night's DWTS. The show proved to be once again full of controversy and thus entertaining. Jane Seymour and her partner Tony Dovolani received scathing comments and points from the judges. Tony answered by pulling out the Ballroom Rules guidebook to show Carrie Ann the true definition of a lift, which was the cause of last week's dispute. Carrie Ann was neither amused nor impressed by their performance. Let's hope Jane makes the cut tonight, for she is really looking forward to next week's performance to a tune by Johnny Cash. Jane is very close friends with June Carter Cash and it would mean a lot to her family. I hope she makes it to next week to do so. Tonight Barry Manilow is performing his songs "Mandy," "They Dance!" and "My Eyes Adored You".

Nip/ Tuck: @ 10pm
As Season 5 begins, our boys are newbie’s in L.A. and scrounging for business at a party — and being a little pathetic about it. "You guys are in over your heads," Liz tells them. But we don't think so. Just look at tonight's guest cast: Oliver Platt, Tia Carrere and Lauren Hutton, to name a few. And sure enough, before the episode is over, Sean gets himself on TV, and Christian gets a patient with a boldface name (played by Daphne Zuniga).

Criss Angel:Mindfreak : @ 10pm
You could say that Criss' illusions are out of this world, and what he does in this third-season finale appears to take place in another world — or realm, so to speak. He holds a séance at Las Vegas' Artisan Hotel, which is reported to be haunted. Of course, when your name is "Angel," it's probably a lot easier to get in touch with beings on "the other side." One of the twists is that, in supposedly speaking to the dead, Angel gets them to reveal intimate facts regarding the observers in the room as proof. Hmmm... check out whom Britney was rumored to have a fling with while planning to do a joint (magic?) performance at the VMAs. I wonder why that fell apart?

Tila Tequila: A Shot at Love: @ 10pm
Check out our femme feline as she gives the final cut to Texas boy who does not take it too well Last week was a shock-surprise cut of Rebecca, who was her favorite, until she kissed another girl AND one of the guys! Tune in tonight as Texas boy gets into another fight, shouts his love from outside after getting kicked to curb and the ambulance is called! I can hardly wait till a pair of the girls gets into a catfight =)

The Hills: @ 7:30pm
The girls travel to New York, where Whitney deals with pressure from Teen Vogue. Spencer tries to rekindle his friendship with a hesitant Brody. Thank gosh, Brody does not let that cloud his relationship with Lauren. Is anyone else sick of Spencer's tantrum and whining whenever he does not get his way? He's probably doing it for the cameras, but either way Grow Up Spence!

posted by Leah Bermudez
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