The New Gay Couple Coming To Wisteria Lane

August 14, 2007 By:
The New Gay Couple Coming To Wisteria Lane

Ever since ‘Desperate Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry announced that they will have a gay couple come to Wisteria Lane everyone has been scrambling to figure out who it is.

People went as far as saying
that Robbie Williams and David Beckham would play the part but new reports suggest that ‘One Life to Live’ actor Tuc Watkins and ex-Judging Amy star Kevin Rahm have actually been cast as the first gay couple on Wisteria Lane!

TV Guide reports, “Watkins will play Bob, described as a country mouse who leaves the big city for greener (and quieter) pastures. Rahm is his bitchy partner, Lee. Both roles are of the recurring variety.”

I actually liked the David Beckham and Robbie Williams combo much more. That would definitely be more interesting. I’m sure Marc Cherry tried to get them but they wouldn’t do it.