Tara Conner's An Alcoholic

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Tara Conner\'s An Alcoholic

Miss USA Tara Conner says she’s "a completely different person" since going through rehab. "My life has completely changed," she told People Magazine today. "I'm a completely different person out of rehab. Before I entered rehab I hardly knew who I was. I felt like I was floating and I just needed someone to pull me down."

She initially entered a rehab center in Pennsylvania on Dec. 21, following allegations of hard partying, indiscretions with men and unreliability. She spent 31 days there – including Christmas and New Year's Eve.

"I didn't think I had any kind of issue going into rehab. I even said, 'I'll get some free therapy,' or something like that – and that was so ridiculous," says Conner. "But I've realized I do have an issue. I suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. And if there's anything that I want people to know it's the severity of this disease and what it can do to people."
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