Regis to Go Under The Knife

March 12, 2007 By:
Regis to Go Under The Knife

Hollyscoop would like to wish Regis Philbin a fast and speedy recovery as he announced today that he will
undergo heart bypass surgery this week after feeling shortness of breath.

Speaking to the audience, Philbin said, "Well, listen, I gotta tell you something. I had been feeling chest pains, you know, and, uh, shortness of breath and all those little symptoms that you hear about."

Philbin explained he is hoping to have an angioplasty this week, because "you know, you get in - bang, bang, bang - they blow it open and you leave the next day...there's some plaque in some arteries and I've got to
get it cleaned out.

"Darn it, I don't want to do it. Nobody wants to do it, I guess. And I had a second opinion, I did all those things, and so they're all in agreement that it should be the bypass. And so that's what I'm gonna do."