Rachel Bilson Wants to Quit "O.C."

September 12, 2006 By:
Rachel Bilson Wants to Quit

'The O.C.' star Rachel Bilson wants to follow in former cast member Mischa's footsteps and leave the teen drama that made her a star.

The cutie brunette, who plays Summer Roberts in the series, admits she has lost her enthusiasm for the role that rocketed her to fame and feels it might be the right time for a new challenge. Does anyone still watch the show anyway?

She said in an interview with Teen Vogue magazine: "I just feel like the show is over. I'm so happy for everything it brought me, and it's been such a great experience, but I think we're all ready to move on."

Rachel's co-star Mischa Barton, who played Marissa Cooper, has already left the show to pursue a movie career...we haven't seen her in any movies yet but has been modeling, she is currently the new face of fashion house Bebe.

Rachel is set to make her movie debut in new film 'The Last Kiss', which is to be released this week.

The 24-year-old actress appears alongside 'Scrubs' star Zach Braff and Ben Affleck's brother Casey in the movie, and she admits it was nerve wracking making the transition from the small screen to the big screen.

Rachel said: "I definitely put a lot of thought and consideration into choosing my first film. It's really hard to do the jump from television to movies, especially coming from a show like 'The O.C.' where you're so typecast into a teenage genre."