'New York' Is A Whack Job

August 19, 2007 By:
'New York' Is A Whack Job

"Flavor of Love" finalist New York was at Club Home on Tuesday night and a waitress at the club claims that she was "racist, overrated, and crazy."

Didn't we already know this about her? If you have watched an episode her show you know that there is definitely a couple of screws missing up there.

The waitress told the NY Post, "I went to her table and told her I think she's so cute and funny. Then I went to shake her hand and she looked me up and down, laughed at me and said she had a cold. But immediately after, she shook the hand of another waitress, who is black."

Then apparently she demanded to see new glasses on her table coming directly from the bar. "She told me someone drugs her drinks when she's not looking," the waitress said.

"She acted like a rude, nasty pig all night."

Why is this waitress so surprised? New York acting crazy is what has gotten her so far in her reality show career. Do you think anyone would care about her otherwise?