More Grey's Anatomy Drama

January 29, 2007 By:
More Grey's Anatomy Drama

There have been talks for weeks that Isaiah Washington will be forced to leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ because of his vulgar comments but now comes word that T.R Knight is actually considering leaving. T.R Knight(Aka George) “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled,” that he’s planning to leave Grey’s Anatomy, says a source.

“He was told not to say anything about the whole incident,” says the insider, referring to the incident in October when Isaiah Washington referred to Knight with a derogatory word used to describe gay men.

“He kept his word, but then the whole thing blew up again at the Golden Globes, and when he was asked about it, he basically called Isaiah a liar,” says the source. “He feels that the atmosphere there is so toxic
and unhealthy. I suppose things could change and we would stay, but
for now, he’s planning to leave the show.

When The Scoop asked Knights spokesperson if the departure
rumors are true she responded: “We’re not commenting on that.” She later called
back and said that the story was “Completely, one thousand percent
A rep for the network also called to add that “rumors of T. R.
Knight’s departure from the show are irrefutably untrue.”