Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere!

September 22, 2006 By:
Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere!

Are you all ready for the best show in the world to premiere
tonight? Yup, it Nora’s favorite show Grey’s Anatomy's season premiere tonight. Don't forget its on a new night and new time. The show will air on ABC at 9/8C tonight.

It is going to be so juicy this season because there are so many
questions left unanswered. First of all we've all been waiting to find out if McDreamy will leave his wife and end up with Meredith. I am so
excited that it’s kinda scary.

I feel like I am part of the real show. Do you guys feel like that when
you are watching it too? My emotions get all screwed up when I see McDreamy
with Meredith, Izzy crying, George whining. Well be prepared for a recap
tomorrow. All I got to say is they better deliever!