Grey's Anatomy Recap

October 6, 2006 By:
Grey's Anatomy Recap

For those of you that missed my favorite show Grey's Anatomy last night it must suck to be you. I just hope you set your
Tivo's because they definitely delivered. There were all sorts of drama on the show, whether it was George kicking out his girlfriend, Izzie standing outside the hospital all day (she makes me cry), the endless drama in Meredith's life (Drama in her life is having two very
hot guys fight for her...yum), or the fact that McSteamy is back and here to stay.

If you are a fan of the show you will understand what I am about to say. Do you see yourself with your mouth open smiling while watching the show? I watched the show with Dee and Ani last night and I am proud to admit that I have officially gotten them hooked on the show as well. They used to think I was crazy when I would talk about my facial
expressions while watching Grey's. Now I think they understand because we all had to same reactions while watching that drama filled show last night.

So now I have to ask! Who do you prefer: McDreamy or McSteamy? I think McDreamy has a special place in my heart, but McSteamy definitely knows how to turn a girl on. I've given you guys my choice, now I need to hear
it from you. Who would you date from the staff?

Is it McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex (he's super hot too), Burke,George or the vet?