Danny DeVito's Drunken Rage Against Bush

November 30, 2006 By:
Danny DeVito's Drunken Rage Against Bush

Yesterday actor Danny DeVito brought some comedy on the set of The View. The star, who was promoting his latest flick Deck The Halls, was visibly hammered at 11 a.m. yesterday and launched into a boozy attack on President Bush and followed that with raunchy tales of having sex at the White House.

DeVito told the girls that he was coming off from an all night bender drinking with the Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney. "I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me,"DeVito joked. According to the New York Daily News Clooney and DeVito went out on the town after Clooney taped the David Letterman show Tuesday. The two stars dined with friends at Scalinatella on the Upper East Side, then headed out after midnight to continue their night on the town.

Most of DeVito’s rants against the president was censored but his mimicking of the president is hilarious, but the View host Barbara Walters wasn’t too thrilled on DeVito’s antics.

DeVito's rep Stan Rosenfield revealed to TMZ that his client had asked for Barbara Walters' phone number today, and that he would say "what needed to be said privately" to her.

The segment that was aired yesterday is hilarious and we got the clip for you. It’s a must see!

Barbara Walters just released a statement about Danny DeVito's antics on The View. "We love him, we'll have him on again." Barbara added that DeVito had left a message for her almost immediately after his visit but the two had yet to talk. “It said he was not going to say anything until he talked to me." While co-host Joy Behar put it bluntly Thursday morning, "He was drunk as a skunk." Chatter queen Rosie O'Donnell came to the rescue as she protected Danny by stating, "Danny DeVito is not an alcoholic. He's just a guy who had too many to drink with his friends. He was here, he was enjoying himself, he had a wonderful night out, and he was a little drunk."