"Dancing With the Stars" Tidbits

October 4, 2006 By:

Are you a "Dancing With the Stars" addict? We got some scoop that might be a spoiler for you folks on the west coast.

Newly single Eva Longoria a was in the audience for tonights show, she was actually with Mario lopez's mom, she was sporting a top that said I vote hollyscoop Mario...haha. Okay so it didn't say hollyscoop but there was a heart in the 'o' in Mario...here's the kicker, she hand made the top herself! I know what your thinking...are they hooking up? They're actually old friends but I wouldn't be surprised if they end up together in the long run.

Now on to the juicy stuff...Mario Lopez and his dancing partner Karina are in fact an item, even though they still deny it. They were spotted making out behind the scenes when the cameras weren't rolling, and get this: Mario even took karina to meet his family this past weekend. Eventhough it was a stint for the show, but we are pretty sure there more where that came from.

Also in the audience was Lisa Rinna sans her hubby, Mathew Lawrence and Elizabeth Hurley. We hear that Nick Lachey will make a suprise appearance tomorrow night on the show as well.