Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed

February 21, 2007 By:
Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed

So it is true! As we originally reported Heather Mills was set to be on “Dancing with the Stars” and the network has just confirmed the new cast of the fourth season and Heather Mills is on the list.

Jerry Springer announced the list of the contestants on Wednesday's Good Morning America. The two hour season premiere will be on March 19.

Some things executive producer Conrad Greene had to say about the new
season contestants:

• Heather Mills: "We thought it would be interesting to have
someone with a disability on because we wanted to prove that dancing is
something anyone can do," Greene said. "She really wants to prove to
people that a disability doesn't hamper you in any way."

• Billy Ray Cyrus: was "terrified" about joining Dancing.
said, 'You don't understand. I can hardly do the achy-breaky dance, let
alone a whole routine.' (But) I think he's going to really apply
says Greene.

• Leeza Gibbons: "I think for her turning 50, she wants to
opening new chapters – not closing them," Greene says. "I think there
be a lot of women around the country who will really associate with her
and what she's doing."

• Joey Fatone: The former 'N Syncer "says he hasn't got a
how good he's going to be," says Greene. "He's never done anything like

• Laila Ali: "The challenge for her will be being light
enough on
your feet," says Greene. "She's had to bulk up, get muscular in order
box. So it's going to be getting the grace."

• Vincent Pastore: "He just turned 60 and he had a heart
condition last year," says Greene. "If Vincent can do it, anybody can
it. This is a show about real people taking it on. He embodies it more
than anyone on the show."

• Apolo Anton Ohno: "It's great to get someone in the middle
their career," says Greene. "(And) it doesn't hurt that he's a
great-looking guy."

• Paulina Porizkova: The Czech-born supermodel, "just wanted
get out there and dance," says Greene.

• Clyde Drexler: "He's a legend," says Greene of
with people like Emmitt and Jerry, he's one of those people who's the
best at their sport."

• Ian Ziering: "I got the sense with Ian he's really going
throw himself into it," says Greene about Stever Sanders.

• Shandi Finnessey: The 28-year-old beauty queen, who was
Miss USA in 2004, brings "poise" and a "vivacious personality" to
says Greene.