America Addicted to "House"

October 25, 2007 By:
America Addicted to

We all thought that America was really addicted to "Dancing With The Stars" but it turns out that although a lot of people love DWTS, more people love the show "House" as it was the #1 watched show in America last night.


Cavemen (6.55 million)

Carpoolers (7.13 million)

Dancing with the Stars (17.82 million)

20/20 Special (10.92 million)


NCIS (17.09 million)

The Unit (10.86 million)

Cane (7.98 million)


The Singing Bee (6.82 million)

The Biggest Loser (7.17 million)

Law & Order: SVU (12.17 million)


Bones (8.82 million)

House (17.87 million)

The CW:

Beauty and the Geek (3.2 million)

Reaper (2.57 million)