2007 World Series Takes Over TV

October 26, 2007 By:
2007 World Series Takes Over TV

TV ratings have been taking a slump this past few days because of the 2007 World Series on Fox. It was Game 2 last night and once again FOX won the night.

According to Nielson ratings FOX took the top spot on TV last night beating out all the other big networks.

Check out the viewership for Thursday night:


Ugly Betty (9.84 million)

Grey's Anatomy (17.95 million)

Big Shots (8.08 million)


Survivor: China (14.16 million)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(14.76 million)

Without a Trace (12.75 million)


My Name Is Earl (8.23 million)

30 Rock (6.53 million)

The Office (8.98 million)

Scrubs (7.03 million)

ER (9.12 million)


Baseball World Series (15.64 million)

The CW:

Smallville (4.50 million)

Supernatural (3.27 million)