'Downton Abbey' Prequel Announced

October 1, 2012 By:
'Downton Abbey' Prequel Announced

Julian Fellowes, the writer/creator of hugely popular British series “Downton Abbey” has just announced he’s creating a sequel.

Well, it’s more like a prequel, the new spinoff would explore how the Earl (played by Hugh Bonneville) and the Countess of Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) first met.

The Earl and the Countess play “the parents” on “Downtown Abbey,” Fellowes announced the news at a recent BAFTA screenwriters lecture that the new show would cast younger actors to play them and document their “how they met” saga!


Well, maybe not as cute as we think. Viewers know that the Earl married Cora (the Countess), the daughter of a US tycoon, for her fortune and fell in love with her AFTER they married.

“I do actually have an idea of doing a prequel of the courtship of Robert and Cora, when all those American heiresses were arriving in London – the Buccaneers, as they were called. They had a slightly troubled courtship, because she was in love with him before they married, as we know, and he married her entirely for her money.”

Fellowes also hinted that a “Downton” play or feature-length film could also be underway.